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Dayinsure Wales Rally GB

Rally of Legends

26-29 October 2017

The penultimate round of the FIA World Rally Championship

Dayinsure Wales Rally GB

CarbonNeutral® Event

2008 Wales Rally GB became first round of the World Rally Championship to go CarbonNeutral®

The Basics

What is climate change?

The prime cause of global warming is the build up of CO2 in the atmosphere. Every person and organisation produces CO2 - and the amount is known as a 'carbon footprint'. Because we all produce CO2, it's the responsibility of everyone to try to reduce the amount they produce to help slow global warming. Major sources of CO2 emissions include energy used in the home and that produced by driving and flying.

What does being a CarbonNeutral® event mean?

The CO2 produced by the event has been reduced to 'net zero'.

What did the 2008 Wales Rally GB do, then?

  • Measured the event's CO2 emissions, including participants' energy usage and the travel of officials and marshals to, from and during the event, as well as all spectator travel
  • Set in motion plans to reduce CO2 gradually through internal changes
  • Immediately reduced CO2 emissions to zero through carbon offsetting

How did the 2008 Wales Rally GB get to zero CO2 so quickly?

Event organisers are working on a sustainability programme to reduce what emissions they can internally, through initiatives like car-pooling for officials and marshals, replacing battery-powered torches with wind-up alternatives and putting in place a full recycling plan. The remaining emissions have been 'offset' through The CarbonNeutral Company - they organise for every one tonne of CO2 to be 'neutralised' by one tonne saved somewhere else in the world through a climate friendly project. One 'offsets' the other.

Breakdown of Wales Rally GB's emissions by activity

Breakdown of Wales Rally GB’s emissions by activity


The 2008 Wales Rally GB produced 4,333 metric tonnes of CO2 - mostly through travel to and from the event (CO2 is traded internationally in metric tonnes)

Who is The CarbonNeutral Company?

Set up ten years ago, The CarbonNeutral Company is the world's leading carbon offset and climate consulting business, working with over 300 businesses and 60,000+ consumer clients.

Facts and Stats

We all have a carbon footprint and produce a certain amount of CO2 emissions from the amount of energy we use in the home, the distance we drive and the holidays we take. Even at your desk, you can help reduce the amount of CO2 that is produced. If you are interested in calculating your CO2 emissions then log onto

Carbon Neutral

Wales Rally GB's Green Driving Tips

The 2008 Wales Rally GB was awarded CarbonNeutral® event status, confirming that the event's carbon footprint was now 'net zero'. All carbon emissions for 2008 were offset, which includes all forms of spectator travel. For those of you who are travelling by car you too can actively tackle climate change by keeping your emissions to a minimum and save yourself money on fuel in the process…

Pump it up

Before you set off on your journey, make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure, as under-inflation makes your engine work harder, decreases the life of your tyres, wastes fuel and increases CO2 emissions. Driving for 100 miles with your tyres at the correct pressure could save 1kg of CO2 - the equivalent to a balloon 1 metre across.

Keep on the straight and narrow

If one of your tyres is even half-a-degree out of position, this can increase fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent. Pop along to your local garage if you feel your wheels are in need of alignment.

Pack smartly

Don't over-fill the car with unnecessary baggage as this will increase fuel consumption on your trip to Wales.

Get kitted out

You can switch to greener car parts, lights, tyres and batteries. Ask your local garage or retailer for further advice.

Don't keep it running

Only start your engine when you are ready to go, it is starting from cold that produces the most emissions. And, don't sit in the car with the engine running. If you are stopped for anything over three minutes whilst on the road, turn it off.

Go steady

When you're on the road, try and keep your speed steady and avoid rapid acceleration to keep fuel consumption to a minimum. Driving at 85mph, besides being illegal, will use up to 25 per cent more in fuel compared to 70mph.

Get in there early

Changing gear slightly earlier reduces revs and therefore saves fuel.

Don't travel alone

Where possible share your journey, if you know of friends who are travelling to Wales Rally GB then why not share a car. This will reduce CO2 emissions and also save you money on fuel.

Thoughts for the future

  • When purchasing your next car change to a greener fuel solution: diesel is more fuel efficient than petrol and LPG is even cheaper and more efficient.
  • Think about the size of your engine: A 2 litre petrol vehicle will produce 1.2 tonnes of CO2 compared to, a 1.4 litre petrol vehicle producing 0.8 tonnes of CO2. What's more is that car tax is now directly related to emissions, so lower your engine size on the road and save money.
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